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Diamond Budder

Diamond Budder is an Extract from the Cannabis Flower using a Closed Loop BHO system. Diamond Budder comes in a grainy consistency, due to the fact that is contains THCA Diamonds and Sauce. The most common way to consume Diamond Budder, is by Dabbing it. This is where the use of a Dab Rig (Very similar to a Bong) comes in to play. The Banger or Nail (the Bowl) gets heated prior to the Shatter going into it and being smoked. Diamond Budder must be consumed by using heat, as the THCA Diamonds must be combusted in order to release the THC. Diamond Budder can contain up to 95% THC, so be careful, as it is very potent! All of our Diamond Budder is made IN HOUSE, so you can expect a Quality Product!