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Marijuana smokers are often characterized as lazy and unmotivated.  However, the research on why people are choosing cannabis paints a different picture. Studies shows that there is an increase in people that prefer a more homeopathic approach to treatment and find cannabis naturally appealing. Medical Marijuana is gaining wide acceptance for a broad range of uses as more people turn to herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies. Marijuana is becoming a favoured treatment option for those suffering from both physiological and psychological ailments.

Studies show that quality of life is the number one reason people ask for a Cannabis prescription. It could be from headaches or migraines, a disease such as cancer or a chronic condition, like glaucoma or nerve damage. So what exactly does Medical Marijuana treat? And who can and should use it?

First things first— 


Medical marijuana, also called Medical Cannabis, is a term that refers to using the Cannabis Sativa plant to treat or relieve serious and chronic symptoms.

Because the Marijuana plant contains compounds (Cannabinoids) that have been proven to relieve a wide spectrum of symptoms, many have argued that it should be legal to use for medical purposes. This argument has led to a growing number of states and countries that have legalized marijuana for medical use.


If you have previously only thought of Marijuana as a recreational drug, it may be hard for you to make the mental switch and begin to see it in a more therapeutic light. But it works the same way. As with other prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs, Marijuana works on your brain and nervous system to alter the messages you receive. 

The Cannabis Sativa plant contains significant levels of flavonoids and terpenes as well as its high levels of CBD and THC. These compounds interact with your body through what’s known as the Endocannabinoid System and offer therapeutic and beneficial use to those suffering from chronic illnesses.


Many studies have been done on this plant in regards to its efficacy in treating illness. Here is a list of 5 medical benefits of medical marijuana, and some of the conditions it has been documented to treat.


Pain can certainly affect your quality of life! And is one of the main reasons doctors prescribe medication. Many of those who suffer from chronic pain, feel that they have limited options for long-term relief. The good news is that cannabis appears to be a safer alternative for pain relief. Studies and anecdotal research has shown that patients suffering from neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis experience relief of symptoms from cannabis use at rates higher than those using placebos. It also lacks the addictive repercussions of opioids and dependency of pharmaceutical treatments.


A common use of cannabis is to ease the symptoms of nausea. Therefore, Medicinal Marijuana has proven beneficial for those undergoing nausea-inducing treatments such as chemotherapy. Cannabinoids are said to be more effective than traditional anti-nausea medications such as prochlorperazine, promethazine, and metoclopramide, without the typical side effects associated with these drugs.


Canadian studies have found Medical Cannabis to be beneficial in treating PTSD. Along with Psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , group therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) , cannabis can help calm nightmares and other symptoms of this disorder. Those who suffer from PTSD report that it helps with symptoms when used in moderate dosages with a stable blood level. 


While clinical evidence is limited, cannabis may be a viable alternative for those plagued from some degree of depression. As a catalyst for healthy thoughts and behaviour some strains of cannabis are known to uplift feelings and promote mental focus. Sativa strains particularly can help energize those who are despondent and apathetic. The causes and treatments for combating depression are complex and require multiple modalities of therapy, including counseling. However, researchers share that possible benefits include the restoration of “normal” endocannabinoid function and mood stabilization for those wishing to avoid pharmacological drugs and their associated side effects. 


In the fast-paced world that we live in today, getting an adequate dose of ‘shut-eye’ is often one of the top things people sacrifice. We all know that a lack of sleep can have a serious impact on one’s health.  This impact includes headaches, loss of appetite and focus, irritability, and increased stress levels. Whether you have a sleep disorder such as insomnia or you’re wound up from a stressful day and need help winding down, cannabis might be a choice for you. Studies suggests that cannabis is exceptionally beneficial for those looking to regulate their sleep-wake cycle. The use of CBD is beneficial for mental alertness and THC to induce feelings of lethargy.

Although using cannabis recreationally is still illegal in most places, there has been a steady rise in the popularity of the drug for medicinal purposes.

There are many ways people can use medical cannabis. For example, people can:

  • Smoke it as a dried plant.
  • Brew it into tea.
  • Inhale it as a vapour.
  • Spray it under the tongue.
  • Apply it to the skin.
  • Eat it in prepared or homemade foods (edibles).


Do you use Marijuana for Medicinal purposes? If so, share your story here or tag us on IG @kingtutscanna and tell us how it has improved your quality of life. 

36 thoughts on “MEDICAL MARIJUANA

  1. SierraBrittanyy
    SierraBrittanyy says:

    Thc Diamonds TERP sauce is an amazing product! Terp sauce is made By using butane hash oil (BHO) extraction techniques. The process uses plant material in its fresh form, or that which was frozen quickly after harvest and is therefore still relatively fresh.

    • SierraBrittanyy
      SierraBrittanyy says:

      (Previous comment was on the Wrong blog post. Feel free to Delete Previous Blog Comment) Medical marijuana is a great thing it helps me with a multitude of ailments like pain and anxiety, it can also help you sleep at night especially a good indica if you just want to relax.

    • jade.fitzgerald
      jade.fitzgerald says:

      I work in the cannabis industry and i love being apart of this process to bring this to people as an option for healing. I personally use it for depression and anxiety and ive first hand seen it help many other people. This article is very enlightening for the people who arent educated enough! Good work

  2. Padbc
    Padbc says:

    Marijuana for me has been a half and half journey. More recreational as a youngster but now in my mid twenties with a diagnosed messed up back and joints along With helping me sleep when my mental health just wont let my brain turn off and settle for the night. Starting to slowly enjoy sativas as more as I get used to them. But everyone is different. Hybrids are my go too in the day and Indica in the night, but I’m slowly enjoying the full Sativa effect in the day time with a bit more energy on sluggish painful days! So I can actually get things done that I wouldn’t be able too with prescription meds that are imparing!

  3. Eastvan808
    Eastvan808 says:

    I use marijuana for a number of reasons. It helps me start my day, get the motivation to tackle life when sometimes i just want to stay in bed. I use it to focus, i use it to relax, i use it for the mind stimulation, i use it to have more compassion for others, to enjoy the company of others when I normally want to isolate. It really helps in a ton of different ways and it’s natural. Not a pill created in a lab. It’s also such a fascinating plant. It will be interesting keeping tabs on the medical cannabis advancements moving forward.

  4. Gabefortin
    Gabefortin says:

    I use medical marijuana for numerous reasons, since I started smoking around the age of 15 I was diagnosed with anxiety along with depression and insomnia. Since I started smoking I feel such a relief, not only mentally but physically. Everyday I smoke I feel like it’s not an escape, but more of a medicine that the normal person would take narcotics for.

  5. lucas.blazys
    lucas.blazys says:

    Medical marijuana has helped me substantially with anxiety as well as back and overall joint pain. I hope to see it utilized internationally throughout all states and loose the stigma of “gateway” or “burnout” drug; it’s just a harmless herb! Personally I find it helps me concentrate with my studies as well as release my daily stressors, no different than a common prescription or a simple night cap. Being that the pharmaceutical industry is commonly unreliable in sufficient medical treatments/medications as well as costs for such, it’s relieving to know medical marijuana is a natural alternative for a variety of health conditions.

  6. dylan38365
    dylan38365 says:

    It is fresh and has a very great taste ! This weed helps me to cope with stress and also insomnia. It’s a very good website too i love it, my favorite by far ! I often buy on the site and would totally recomend it!

  7. elmntree
    elmntree says:

    I’ve been using cannabis to self medicate just as much as I use it for fun. It helps keep me going through the day and is great when I get stress headaches. I recently began to supplement these benefits with CBD oil. I hear the “entourage effect” is supposed to be great for all sorts of ailments! I’m so thankful for legalization so I don’t have to risk becoming a criminal to self medicate.

  8. Frenchy19951
    Frenchy19951 says:

    The best way to explain medical marijuana for me is that it keeps my mind where he needs to be a period at the age of 16 I became paralyzed and and sometimes in my life which the liquor was a prisoner of my own mind unable to feel things enjoy things like I used to be able to. Especially the pain that I wasn’t was always keeping me out of place in life that was unenjoyable. After discovering CBD, my whole outlook on life changed in pretty much one month. I had smoked THC in the past as a kid obviously and knew the effects of it and all that but never knew how much CBD could be an all-around remedy for everything from the pain that I was in, to my state of mind, and to my body in general. It’s been an amazing journey for me, almost 10 years now paralyzed from the neck down but being able to enjoy everything in life and I think that’s mostly due to the effects of marijuana along with my great friends of course.

    Thank you to kingtuts for making the services available at a really affordable price.

    • Frenchy19951
      Frenchy19951 says:

      I don’t know how my voice control screwed up so terribly, but I’m going to re-rate this. I was not an alcoholic, my mind was not it’s prisoner LOL 🙂 I wish there was a way to edit the original message. But oh well. Here’s how it was supposed to go:

      The best way to explain medical marijuana for me is that it keeps my mind where it needs to be. At the age of 16 I became paralyzed and sometimes in my life, it feels like I’m a prisoner of my own mind unable to feel things, enjoy things like I used to be able to. Especially the pain that I was always in, keeping me out of places in life that once enjoyable, were now too painful to attend. After discovering CBD, my whole outlook on life changed in pretty much the first month. I had smoked THC since a teenager, and knew the effects of it, but never knew how much CBD could be an all-around remedy for everything. From the pain that I was in, to my state of mind, and to my body in general. It’s been an amazing journey for me, almost 10 years now paralyzed from the neck down but being able to enjoy everything in life and I think that’s mostly due to the effects of marijuana along with my great caregiver and friends of course.

      Thank you to Kingtuts for making the services available at a really affordable price.

  9. Maceyspacey
    Maceyspacey says:

    I am a Dailey smoker as well as my boyfriend he works a full time job and is the farthest thing from lazy all while just using cannabis ,I definitely support cannabis and it’s medical purposes I have supper bad anxiety and a nice bowl is always sure to help that out

  10. Pepperonipotter
    Pepperonipotter says:

    Medical Marijuana was a complete game changer for me. I was always a daily toker and had to hide my medicine in shame. Not anymore. I use it for anxiety and ADHD, and it has always proven itself to be the most effective treatment. The beauty is, since you know the plant so well, and have been using it so long, it’s very easy to find the perfect way to treat themselves. That does leave things a little scary for those that are new to it. That’s why it’s up to us old timers to spread the good word and help teach the best possible ways to treat. A great supplier is a huge part of that. This is medicine for many people and as such has to be affordable to be effective. Lots of great companies seeing to that now. Small, craft companies like KTC that are trailblazing in the best possible way. Medical marijuana for the win!

  11. Maceyspacey
    Maceyspacey says:

    I love the medical aspects of cannabis and i have seen it help people with rheumatoid arthritis my mom has been suffering from arthritis for many years and a couple of them she was completely bed bound, she was still using cannabis but I did see it get a lot better as she stared using more sativa strains and CBD extracts . I use cannabis to help with a few things , a clear mind , helps with my anxiety and just just staying happy . I’ve noticed since I stated using more cannabis I have been way more sociable and less stressed . I approve every part of medical Marijuana from helping depression too chronic pains and ext …

  12. chrismombo
    chrismombo says:

    I lost my girl two years in September to suicide I’m a veteran of the Canadian armed forces and aspiring member of french forgeio. Legion and without marjuiana legalized and having access to I I’d be well bluntly fuck d

  13. Klass414
    Klass414 says:

    medical marijuana has help me with mutpli things in my life after my motox crash a couple years back, sciatic nerve pain being a huge benefit from cbd
    And not to mentoed to sleeps nights I had due to chronic pain

  14. Showman
    Showman says:

    What a great post regarding the taboo of medical smokers. I am a full time student with insomnia and ptsd. I usually medicate during the night to unwind and help me sleep, but I smoke sativa during the day to keep that motivation up. If unsure, contact your professional healthcare provider and see if this magical plant will heal you too!

  15. Tiza
    Tiza says:

    Medical marijuana has definitely helped me. I have had multiple knee surgeries and suffer from chronic knee pain as well as reoccurring ovarian cysts, which is can be excruciating when I have them. Medical marijuana is one of the only pain medications that actually dulls or make the pain bearable and allows me to function with then.

    It is also a great de-stressor when I have a crazy day at work and need to take a few minutes and relax after a long day. I do not smoke while I work, but it would be cooler if I could! It is a great benefit and a way better option than some chemical shitstorm they call painkillers prescribed by a doctor.

  16. skconstltd
    skconstltd says:

    Since using some of your products, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in my anxiety and it also helps tremendously with my insomnia. As well as an overall decrease in my joint and muscle pains. thank you so much for the help!

  17. lakshay29535
    lakshay29535 says:

    Medical marijuana was a boon in my life. I was also scared to try cannabis due to the social stigma and negativity sourrounding it’s use. But after giving it a try, it has cured all my ailments like glaucoma, stress, anxiety, and muscle pain with awesome side effects which is a nice hour long buzz that I enjoy. Using it long term, noticed no negative effects. Cannabis is indeed the true medicine of the planet

  18. Mmm
    Mmm says:

    The most common use for medical marijuana is for pain control. While marijuana isn’t strong enough for severe pain (for example, post-surgical pain or a broken bone), it is quite effective for the chronic pain that plagues millions of People, especially as they age. Part of its allure is that it is clearly safer than opiates (it is impossible to overdose on and far less addictive) and it can take the place of NSAIDs such as Advil or Aleve, if people can’t take them due to problems with their kidneys or ulcers or GERD.

    In particular, marijuana appears to ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, and nerve pain in general. This is an area where few other options exist, and those that do, such as Neurontin, Lyrica, or opiates are highly sedating. Patients claim that marijuana allows them to resume their previous activities without feeling completely out of it and disengaged.

    Along these lines, marijuana is said to be a fantastic muscle relaxant, and people swear by its ability to lessen tremors in Parkinson’s disease. I have also heard of its use quite successfully for fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and most other conditions where the final common pathway is chronic pain.

    Marijuana is also used to manage nausea and weight loss and can be used to treat glaucoma. A highly promising area of research is its use for PTSD in veterans who are returning from combat zones. Many veterans and their therapists report drastic improvement and clamor for more studies, and for a loosening of governmental restrictions on its study. Medical marijuana is also reported to help patients suffering from pain and wasting syndrome associated with HIV, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

    This is not intended to be an inclusive list, but rather to give a brief survey of the types of conditions for which medical marijuana can provide relief. As with all remedies, claims of effectiveness should be critically evaluated and treated with caution.

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