Dear valued member, thank you for checking out how to pay by Credit Card! We have a very strict, simple policy that only current members that have a history with us will be able to use this new payment option. So, how do you know if you are eligible?

  • You must have a history of a least 3 paid orders with us.

Here’s how to sign up:

1. Please make sure to check your history that you have at least 3 paid orders with us.

2. Please send us a picture of the following items and ensure they are legible

* Your Credit Card that you will be using showing the front side

* A Government Issued I.D., showing your full name and address

* Your last Credit Card Statement, showing your full name and address

** Please make sure that all your document’s name and address are a match.

All 3 of these will have to be very visible and easily read for us to be able to check your order history and make sure all the information matches.

Once you have been approved, we will send you back a notification that you are now ready to Pay by Credit Card!

If you are eligible, please CLICK HERE to complete your registration!

Disclaimers: Please remember that King Tuts gets charged an 18% service fee that we will also have to charge at the checkout. Credit Card purchases will only be allowed on orders below $500. Any orders over $500 will only be payable by E-Transfer.