Canada’s Cannabis Edibles and Drinks

Cannabis Edible Beverages

Cannabis is known for its medical and recreational uses, however, cannabis edible beverages are new to many. This article explores the cannabis-infused edible beverages in detail.

As you already know it, there are so many ways to gain the benefits of cannabis, others smoke it, eat it, and drink it.
Yes, drink it.

Not only can you make edible foods with marijuana but also you can make edible beverages with cannabis.

Cannabis-infused Edible Beverages

A cannabis drink, most commonly known as cannabis-infused beverages or drinks that contains either or both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) with or without other cannabinoids.

Lassi and thandai were the first-ever recorded cannabis edible beverages that are traditionally prepared with bhang from the Indian subcontinent.
Not only can you enjoy your favorite drinks and beverages, but you also gain the benefits of the cannabis plant.

The Difference between Cannabis Edibles and Cannabis Edible Beverages

One of the most popular ways to medicate is to eat cannabis edibles. In recent years, there are many various doses and types, from your cookies to gummies. Yes, while edibles have many advantages, it does have some drawbacks.

One of these drawbacks is that it takes so much time for edibles to kick in, and when it does, the “high” feeling might be too intense especially for beginners.
That is why cannabis edible beverages were made as a solution for people who like the experience of eating edibles but don’t like the inaccuracy of doses and the unpredictability of the “high” feeling. Cannabis edible beverages come in many forms such as brews, beers, teas, sodas, etc.

Low Dosage with Marijuana Edible Beverages

With cannabis edible beverage’s fast absorption, you only need a small amount of THC to feel the same effects of smoking cannabis.
Consuming cannabis orally is not the easiest way for your body to process the plant. Compared to dried marijuana flowers, cannabis-infused edibles and cannabis capsules typically contain more doses of THC with/or CBD.

While edible beverages and cannabis edibles provide a stronger “high,” one of the downsides of cannabis-infused drinks and cannabis edibles is that you have to consume more to feel and maintain the effect.

Edible beverages and cannabis edibles might be extreme for beginners as well as elite stoners who just want to add the plant in their lifestyle. Also, even for a veteran consumer of cannabis who has been consuming the plant in their lifetime the effects that result from consuming high levels of THC can be too much to bear.

However, smaller doses of THC, rather than consuming marijuana in a course of a few days, allow the consumers to enjoy cannabis edible beverages in one sitting. Meaning, they can predict their high and can manage their dose better.
Drinking cannabis edible beverages with 10mg of THC can have a significant effect unlike eating an edible with the same amount of THC.

Canadians and Canna-Drinks

As it is observed, it appears that Canadians are more likely to consume cannabis in edibles and drinkable forms rather than smoking cannabis. “Nurturing New Growth” is a Deloitte’s paper where the results are shown of a consumer survey which concentrated on the cannabis products which are high in demand. If you are a consumer who is more drink-buddy-like than the smoke-buddy-like in Canada, this might be a piece of exciting news for you.

Are Cannabis Edible Beverages legal now in Canada?

When companies in cannabis-infused edibles and cannabis edible beverages began submitting their cannabis-infused edible products to Health Canada last October 17 for a 60-90 day approval and procurement process, it was the first hurdle for marijuana-infused edibles to reach the Canadian market.

When and where can you buy edibles in Canada?

As of now, it is not known when cannabis-infused edibles will hit the Canadian market because of the approval and procurement process.
Another reason is that each province will be allowed to further regulate the new cannabis industry. New products will be available in licensed cannabis shops depending on where you live.

Major Weed Companies and Big Brewers in Canada – Awaiting a “Go” Signal

With cannabis-infused edibles and cannabis edible beverages becoming legal in Canada, major weed companies with their brewers are readying their line-up of cannabis-infused beverages. Hexo, Canopy Growth, and Tilray have all said that they are ready for the launching of their new products. Each of them has a different approach.

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth with its partner, Constellation Brands will unveil a lineup of 13 variants of cannabis edible beverages created with Constellation Brands’ well-known “Distilled Cannabis Process.” This weed company has five lines of CBD and THC beverages:

  • The company’s Tweed RTD, which contains 2 mg of THC
  • Created with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the company’s Houseplant line of drinks, which contains 2.5 mg of THC.
  • Quatre, the company’s wellness-focused line which will contain 20 mg of CBD while others will have a mix of 2 mg of THC and CBD each per can.
  • Deep Space, contains 10 mg of THC and is a carbonated beverage that has the maximum allowed dosage by the Canadian Law.
  • Tweed Distilled Cannabis’s Drink mixers can be mixed with any nonalcoholic beverage

Truss Beverage

HEXO’s Truss Beverage with its partnership with Molson Coors will introduce 6 different brands. Flow Glow, their first brand CBD-infused spring water.
Truss Beverages intends to sell the mix of THC and CBD beverages in their Flow Glow Beverages, though just the spring water variant has been declared. The first product to hit the market will be a 10mg CBD-infused raspberry-lemon and goji-grapefruit spring water version.

Fluent Beverage Venture

Tilray and its partner Anheuser-Busch InBev will be creating variants of CBD-infused teas with many different flavors using their Fluent Beverage venture.

Even though Canada legalized the use of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes, its edible industry is still finding its way.
But, unlike the hardship of the dry-flower cannabis business has gone through its legalization, it seems like cannabis edible beverages will have a much smoother launch. Found this article interesting? Share it with your friends. Visit our website for latest cannabis related news and stay updated.

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