British Columbia: Best Cannabis in the World?

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British Columbia: Best Cannabis in the World?

There are not many cannabis connoisseurs out there that would argue with the thought that the best cannabis available come from one single place: British Columbia. BC bud, a commonly used term, to acknowledge the accepted view that BC produces some of the best weed in the world. Why British Columbia know for such sought-after marijuana? What sets it apart from the rest? Here are a couple of reasons why BC creates such top-shelf weed…

Canadian Conditions

Of all the Canadian Provinces, British Columbia has the most forgiving climates. This weather also happens to be ideal for growing marijuana! BC has mild relatively, humid environmental conditions in many parts of the province. The cool temperature of the autumn months fosters resilience in plants, while the above average warmth in the summers encourages growth. With the addition of rainforest showers and fertile earth, this makes BC’s marijuana healthier, and thus more potent and flavorful, than plants grown elsewhere. Although outdoor growing only makes up part of BC’s weed production, the ability to produce outdoors is certainly a big bonus that the other provinces can not make use of. 

B.C. Attitude

BC Culture has a reputation known for it’s laid-back lifestyle. Not only does BC have many consumers and producers, but cannabis has been a player in BC’s economy for years — estimated at $6-9 billion annually.

This cannabis passionate population combined with the historically relaxed law enforcement regarding grow-ops and sales, has resulted in lot of fired-up cannabis advocates producing large quantities of best quality BC Bud.

This movement has therefore provided consumers lot of options to buy BC Bud, mostly online. With so many pot-growing operations and the high demand, the quality and variety of the BC weed continues to improve in the marketplace.

Marijuana Seeds

No matter how much care is given, or how perfect the climate and conditions, you can’t grow amazing cannabis from sub-par seeds. BC has a long history of using high quality seeds, some of which were supplied by scrupulous cannabis activists from the south during the Vietnam War who then relocated north along the West Coast #bestcoast. World-renowned weed doesn’t happen overnight and many will argue that the biggest factor in issuing the term B.C. Budcomes from the seeds. Coming from a long lineage of amazing parent genetics, these seeds, that have been circulating B.C. for a long time, have set the bar for amazing bud.

Try It Out, See For Yourself

Have you tried BC Bud? If not, get your hands on some, light up a dab, and enjoy the high of what is know as best-in-class cannabis weed.
Check out some BC Bud here!

75 thoughts on “British Columbia: Best Cannabis in the World?

  1. Sethsand110
    Sethsand110 says:

    The climate for outdoor BC bud is canada, and even worldwide, renowned. Being from the east coast I’ve only had the pleasure of experiencing the mountains and nature a few times.
    I must say, the summer climate in the mountains, the cleanliness of the water from mountain springs, clear Pacific water… all a major contributing factor to why wildlife grows beautifully. From revelstoke, salmon arm, all the way up to 100 mile house.
    Which, I believe, may have psychosematically cultured BC residents to become connoisseurs and perfect their craft.
    Trust in BC

  2. Maceyspacey
    Maceyspacey says:

    I agree %100 that BC bud is the best out there , I live in Ontario And the weed that we grow around here never compares to what I have gotten from BC , always nice flavours ,smells . I will never switch back to the “street weed” after smoking all the different strains I have tried from KT,s and other websites I have tried the past ,KT,s is still the best though 😉and well I’m able to grow alright plants up here in Ontario they never compare to BC.

  3. Ryansroomrecord
    Ryansroomrecord says:

    Im certainly no expert when it comes to genetics and I’m no connoisseur when it comes to subtle differences in terps and flavours of flower. But what I am is someone that has spent the better half of his life loving cannabis. While I can’t say I’ve ever been to BC, there’s one thing I know about it; in the dark, pre-legal times when weed could sometimes be hard to find, there was nothing that would get a stoner from Saint John, NB excited like being told “yeah dude I just got in some BC hydro.” Even in those word-of-mouth days I knew that BC bud stood for quality. Nowadays with the ability to meticulously research strains and genetic make ups and the ability to obtain cannabis from anywhere in Canada with the click of a button there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since my long haired younger days: I still get real excited when I open a bag and know that it came from the province that’s always had the right attitude towards the flower we love, British Columbia.

  4. Klass414
    Klass414 says:

    Bc bud is with out a dount some of the best bud over All. All though each province usually has 1 or 2 good growers to grab from.
    But the growing condition in BC are prime. Ain’t nothing like trying to do a out door crop in MB

  5. Allybean6868
    Allybean6868 says:

    Bc bud is definitely one of the best ! Living here in Newfoundland we don’t get a chance to have it around here much but When we do it’s all everyone wants ! When you smoke for many years your tolerance definitely goes up so for me it’s hard for me to get a really good high without smoking a lot , but with bc bud it feels like IM make to the old days when I first started smoking !! All of us smokers knows that feeling lol !

  6. Cory
    Cory says:

    I’ve always enjoyed and thought BC bud was the best Herb .The counter culture of the province was one that is laid back and not so stressful.
    I’ll always treasure my memories of living in such a beautiful province.

  7. Maceyspacey
    Maceyspacey says:

    Yes BC bud does too any bud I have smoked before , I have even smoked real California grown OG and it did still not compare to what I get from here on king tuts , there are so many gassy, strains and buds coming from bc it’s pointless to buy from anywhere else , I’ve done some growing and know a couple small growers around here and they also agree with the seed factor being way better from bc as well , we’ll keep on smoking that BC bud and don’t go back to that street crap ! 🤘🏼🙂 ,I love in Ontario and we don’t get the greatest outdoor weed and that’s just a given, pretty bad climate for growing

  8. Fallentemplar80
    Fallentemplar80 says:

    I’ve tried Eastern Canadian weed, Washington, Oregon and California weed and none of them compare to BC Bud. The potency and the trichome density can’t be matched anywhere else. You haven’t smoked weed until you’ve smoked it from BC.

  9. CybrneticTurkey
    CybrneticTurkey says:

    After ordering from you guys I have to agree BC bud is the best. Ive tried my hand at a few novice grows here in Newfoundland, and compared to a lot of local it turned out alright, but it didn’t hold a candle to your bud! Interesting about the heat there encouraging growth, one of the major obstacles i faced here was managing high temps. Can’t argue with the results though!

  10. Shelsamel
    Shelsamel says:

    So so pleased with kingtuts cannabis. I prefer edibles myself but my husband and son love the different varieties and certainly the ounce deals. Beats paying outrageous prices here in Northern Ontario. Keep up the awesome work guys. Very satisfied customer right here

  11. deguzman02
    deguzman02 says:

    I really enjoyed this article as it was very informative. I learned a lot about bc marijuana and I found it very interesting. I did not know about these articles and I will be continuing to read past posts and of course future ones as well. I hope you guys keep up the great work you are doing with your brand and I look forward to seeing what you have in store!

  12. GoodMilk
    GoodMilk says:

    Duh. Bc bud is some of the best budd you can come across. Except we all know this already…but why? Growing conditions are near perfect, contributing to big, terpy, tasty ass budds. All weed is good, but the conditions in BC for growing alow near perfect weather to optimize plant care and yield, and for me it’s all about the concentrates. BC bud in my opinion is the only way to go for making concentrates, it’s the most thc rich, resonis, Terpy, delicious buds matching thos in the tropics or europe.

  13. Bakerycannaco
    Bakerycannaco says:

    This article was very informative as I did not know much about British Columbia or how much they were involved with medicinal marijuana. Thank you for your time and I hope you can keep posting new articles and info!

  14. Kenneth
    Kenneth says:

    Hard definitive if bc is the best, comparing bc with california there has been some wicked strains created in cali and I smoked some of it too. but i’ll hand it down to bc when it comes to catching up, they’ve done it. Hell, I could believe they could take over as major producer – if they could sell to the state which has a larger volume of population. Without a doubt though within 3-5 years bc will be leading the pack fully.

  15. elmntree
    elmntree says:

    British Columbia has a unique combination of great growing conditions and a passive attitude towards cannabis by law enforcement. Even living in Saskatchewan my whole life, I’ve always had access to BC bud. Now in a digital world, we have a fantastic selection and competitive prices. The consumer is the real winner here 🙂

  16. DeJay
    DeJay says:

    I love BC Bud, there is nothing better. I grow here in Ontario and still I prefer my BC Bud I get from KT. I have not been able to reproduce the 7 star quality that is produced in BC at home. Needless to say, I will continue to support my fellow Canadian Growers by getting my BC Bud here

    • Maceyspacey
      Maceyspacey says:

      Yeah I’ll definitely agree bc bud has my heart , the amazing smells ,terps ,trichomes and stickyness is always so unique and on point from bc bud although I’ve never been to BC I’m definitely sure it is the best coast ,I’d love to make a trip down some day and smell the flowers 🤤 don’t buy green unless it’s from BC that’s all I gotta say 😝

  17. Shelsamel
    Shelsamel says:

    BC Bud is definitely the way to go. We used to buy from a friend and u never really knew wat u were getting but with BC bud, its always exceptional. The ounce deals are the greatest and the variety is awesome!!!!! We will certainly continue to order our flower and twisted extracts. Thanks a bunch Kingtutscannabis!!!!!!

  18. Charlie72788
    Charlie72788 says:

    I believe that bc had the best cannabis in the world. I’ve smoked weed from all over the world and have had some great experiences. But nothing compares to the stuff from right here at home. Some of the best growers live in bc as well as some of the best growing locations are in bc.

  19. elmntree
    elmntree says:

    BC bud is world renown. When I meet people from other countries and cannabis comes up, their first question is “oh man BC bud!”. We are blessed to have access to it. The only downside is that our tolerance may be higher but regular tolerance breaks are a good idea anyways.

  20. MJ4782
    MJ4782 says:

    No doubt that BC produces some of the best weed out there! Even when I was younger and you heard someone had BC Bud, you wanted some haha. I don’t know anything about growing weed but I do know I love smoking BC Bud!!

  21. Pjpagakis
    Pjpagakis says:

    BC Kush and weed from mom sites like this from bc is definitely better quality than government or street weed. You are definetly able to make a distinction between strains with the taste smell and high while BC bud has a better quality of craftyness without compromising price and quality . You know when it’s bc weed when you smoke it.

  22. Maceyspacey
    Maceyspacey says:

    Yes BC has the greatest climate /elevation and pros for the result of the best weed in the world I love bc bud it’s always got the most unique smell and Terp profile , I grow here in Ontario in my 46X46X80 grow tent with my cheapish LED for now till I get the $1000 one I’ve been looking at with that being said It will take me a while to master it and get some nice bud coming but I don’t think I will ever compete with BC bud this stuff is amazing you guys are so lucky for the amazing pot growing climate !

  23. MommaBaer
    MommaBaer says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that bc has the best bud in the world! the climate is perfect for growing. I was born and raised in the okanagan and now living in alberta, I have yet to find anything comparable from here.

  24. SierraBrittanyy
    SierraBrittanyy says:

    BC Bud is the best quality weed as everyone knows the best weed grows in the mountains at higher altitudes. Closer to the heavens lol. Just like they say the Himalayan mountains produce bomb weed, it’s all about location (Altitude).

  25. Kevinsrt8
    Kevinsrt8 says:

    Of course BC has always had the best weed, especially for outdoor in Canada. However the playing field has been leveling out with the recent legalization everywhere and the way its getting so easy to grow your own great weed.

  26. Charlie72788
    Charlie72788 says:

    Bc bud has a legendary status! And has for decades. I think it is can easily be said that bc has some of the best bud in the world. I think smokers from all around the globe could agree on this one. Bc bud for the win!!

  27. Maceyspacey
    Maceyspacey says:

    Yes bc bud is definitely the best bud around , although lots of people are getting better at growing , even my self I have nice buety of a plant going in my tent , but it still not the same as good ol bc bud there’s nothing that tops it , the unique , favours , terps , and smells coming from good ol bc bud is like non other ! I can’t grow nice outdoor here in Ontario but I’m sure the outdoor in bc Is beautiful 🔥😃

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