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A Little About Us

How King Tuts was born

As of Oct 17th 2018, Cannabis was legalized in Canada. Yes, Cannabis is legal for recreational use but more importantly, legal to posses for medicinal purposes. There are many known health benefits that come from marijuana, and the list grows with each passing day. Having the opportunity to be a part of this awesome time in history, is really amazing! We are not doctors but having customers that include people looking for help with many of the ailments that Cannabis can provide, makes our job not only fulfilling but also makes us accountable.

The minds behind King Tuts have been in sales and purchasing in this industry for years. Our jobs were to find the best product we could for the lowest cost possible. We were the middlemen for many dispensaries and online sellers that sell to the end user, you!

We have built up contacts and relationships that are very extensive. We are now able to purchase premium cannabis, supplies and packaging at the very best price

We at King Tuts are accountable to each other, to our customers, and we take every order very seriously. Each order is carefully picked, packaged and sent out. We make sure that your order arrives fresh, well packaged and very discretely.

We understand that whether you use cannabis for health benefits or recreational use, it could get quite expensive. We know because we were the guys that got those products for sellers to put on their shelves or post online.

My partner and I shared all of the contacts and relationships that we have built up over the years and decided to start our own business

That’s how King Tuts was born.

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