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King Tuts is proud to offer the finest Medicinal Marijuana in it’s most natural state, the plants Flower. We not only provide the highest quality and one of the largest selections, but also the best pricing in Canada.

The team at King Tuts has been a part of this amazing industry for a long time. Over the years, we have developed great contacts with very knowledgeable and caring growers and because of this, we are very proud to present our selection of Cannabis flower.

We are sure you will find the product for your specific need at the best value!

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King Tuts Extracts

Medicinal Marijuana Extracts have become very popular among patients and more widely used with each passing day. The team at King Tuts understands that the Extracts quality is at the utmost importance. We offer a wide selection along with the best quality in Canada.

Having the combined years of experience in this industry, we have been able to pay attention to what’s new, what works and what we should add to our inventory. We select only a very few producers of extracts to work with, making sure our cost stays down but the quality stays at the top.

If you have reached high tolerance levels with Cannabis flower, give our extracts a try!

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Clients feedback is bloodline to our business

You guys have the best customer service I have ever had ordering Medicinal Marijuana online!”


I will definitely be ordering from you again and recommending King Tuts to my friends and family!


My order arrived very discretely, as it was very well packaged. There was zero smell and thanks for the Boveda pack!


WOW, did I ever get buzzed! Your products arrived in perfect condition and are amaing! Thanks KT!


I use Medical Cannabis to help cope with chronic pains. I really appreciate your recommendation, great product and fast service.


I wasn’t expecting the free gifts a long with the free shipping. That was a pleasent surprise!